Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"


the intro is to short. and changes to fast. by that i mean the part 0:33 sec...it's comming to fast...begin with a easier chord and filter it more:)

at 1:33 the high synth....i freakn love it! that makes the song absolutely fantastic

the break 2:35 one of the best i have ever heard.....only bad thing it that i knew what was comming.

summary: loved it

i got a new trance song...its a WIP if you could review:)


Another song :D

Wow, just as all your other songs, I love this!

Oh my god OB you are a genius :D

You inspire me so much every day! Once you make alot of songs i'm going to make a huge playlist of your songs and I am going to make a huge soundtrack and listen to it every day :D

You are so awesome! Please, never quit making music, this is your thing!



P.S. I have every one of your songs downloaded so far :D


..but could be better. It's pretty good, but the main chord could use some variation. I'm actually disappointed to hear this. Not to say that this was a step-back, but it's more like a set-back. To me, some stuff sounded over side-chained.

Enough of my nit-picking, I hope you get out of the writer's block!


ive always really enjoyed your mello beats and what not. my one favorite of yours is feels like meh. if i may ask. how do u get your kicks snares and hihats to sound so great?

BrokenCrossfader responds:

The sounds come from careful layering and filtering, it's the longest process in the track usually haha.

Thanks for checking in!