Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"

Nicely done

Pretty well made. The only thing that this song keeps reminding me of is DeadMau5. Anyways this is still a very well composed song, nice work!


awesome man

Fudgeafracka you t0xicmetalg0d

If u dont like this type of music dont rate it then u biased morron. Amazing track realy nice beats and overlays. Realy soothing. Great. Perfect to chill to. FAVED. I have officialy copryrighted Fudgeafracka. Great song man keep up the good work.

f**king sweet

u get my full vote dude. very freaking awesome.

good beat

pretty nice i mean it calmed me but i just dont like the techno like types of music so srry givin ya a 5.