Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"


the intro is to short. and changes to fast. by that i mean the part 0:33 sec...it's comming to fast...begin with a easier chord and filter it more:)

at 1:33 the high synth....i freakn love it! that makes the song absolutely fantastic

the break 2:35 one of the best i have ever heard.....only bad thing it that i knew what was comming.

summary: loved it

i got a new trance song...its a WIP if you could review:)


Kick ass stuff,
Awesome track, 9, at leas !
I love the way it varies, and the beat and the fx, the way they are intertwined, and the way the whole track is mixed, ...
really great stuff,
nice work, :) Keep it up.

Very nice!

There was a time when I had a disdain for this sound because I just remeber hearing so bloody much of it. But this is expert. My first favorite in the audio department :)
Keep it up.

I read the author comments...

It is hard for me to find a good house tune on this site, sorry if I missed your other creations, but this one does kick it! Definately reminds me of a relaxing day off with nothin to do but bask. Thanks.

Can I?

Hey can I use this song in an upcoming game I'm making? I'll include the song name and your name in the credits.