Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"


man i like it keep it up

A very funny and yet weird Megaman movie.

Man I thought that X was a nice guy but I guess I was wrong. I didn't know that Zero was such a neat freak. I was glad when X blew up that door it took forever to open. And just because X is the main character, that doesn't mean he should be a jerk. But why doesn't Zero just kill X if he thinks that he's such a big jerk? Zero's stronger than X so he can kill him. I'm gonna see the sequel, if I can find it.

veryy funny

Good idea but if only it finish, I hope MaranX make next part of this movie


its f***ing auesome dude!


It's a cute little funny series with a good start,the storyline has a bit of humor in itself also the graphics we're quite good,too bad this won't be finished though.