Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"

LOL...that was good

that was good..keep up the good work..plz make the next one soon

Good job!

Nice movie I like, I like it alot, very funny. Sprites were nice manipulated, for your second flash, very good job.

I heard you have Zero's Theme from Mega Man X 2 for your Intromusic...well, I have a metalized version of it on my Audiopage, if you want it for your future projects feel free to use it, it kicks ass! :)

And if you need some high quality Mega Man fx for your Mega Man flashes, just contact me, you will not regret it. ;)

5/5 from me.

not bad

you could do better when i see your sonic VS vegeta it was good so it was not so bad good job

Good, but

Seemed like a very long excuse to swear alot. Still a good flash, I can tell you took some time for this so I rate it pretty good. One of the best mega-man parodies I've seen at least.

P.S. "Holy Crab" I was unaware of that one before.


this movie was great, the sound track was perfectly suited, it was funny, and overall just well done, i look forward to seeing more.

MaranX responds:

thanks viruszero :]