Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"

lolzenhimer. nuff said

that's not x!

x do't act like that!!!
you ned to change that

MaranX responds:

He was supposed to be a complete opposite of his game counterpart. That is why I decided to make him an aggresive alcoholic jerk.

nope nope nope!

0 stars! X wouldn't act like. Zero isn't obsessed with cleaining & TOO MUCH cussing! No good. On the + side, very well put together & all that stuff.... So, I'll give you a 4, I suppose, for that.

Movie Feel Rude

X Is Pretty Rude In Here... With Expection He Shooting Sigma Make It Funny

haha so funny!

this is great and all but I hope when x called zero a bitch that it wasdn't a mistake that X thot zero was a girl XD