Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"


Why not continue this? This is fking AWESOME!!

Fucking Awesome!!!

i hope you make a sequel because your my favorite author and your the first 1 on my list

I was a good amount impressed.

I've notice the opening was done in a very good style compared to most other Megaman type flashs I've seen; it hook my attention right away. And then your idea of X creeping up slowly behind Zero's back and then giving out a loud gross belch made me chuckle a good deal. Although beer related type of humor isn't my cup of tea, I really did enjoy it in this movie since how it was played out in terms of the story and action that is better then most; and I hope to watch a sequel if it comes. I'm happy to make you my first on my favorite's list as well.


nice make the second part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty good, I only have one problem with it, there is no way Megaman could do that shit to Zero..

Thats it.