Reviews for "Adventure Hunter X"


This is a nice flash but I hate when people leave reviews like "Zero can own X." That isnt the point of the flash dont use that against the creator if he worked hard on it. I have been reading that and dont undermine the creator because of your own biased opinion. Anyway nice flash keep it up you have potential.


Very cool keep it up!

i liked it

i liked your other flash but it was a step up for sure. good job. good luck for part two.


I am sorry but Zero can easily destroy X...

MaranX responds:

You've got a point, Zero is an "A" ranked Maverick Hunter, but think a bit about it. If Zero was so powerful X couldn't defeat him in Megaman X2 or in Megaman X6 when he was a Nightmare. And one more thing. Wait for the further movies. ;)


Sir, I'm from the Ngpd, I;m here to mak sure your movie gets through the portal ok. You will be prottected by our police lieutenants. Once we make sure you are safe, we will look to your claims of this "Stolen Beer".