Reviews for "Lumination"


I ranked ten. So i give this game a better than usual review. Its very innovative and different.


Actually, I liked it, but it's nothing special.

talk about challenge

now this is a good time waster fun game that will make u addicted, very good game. it is about speed and mind and sometimes i like those kinda games.

good job


loved it oh wats the first and second musics called? i forgot the names

I liked it

It was too easy. I had to let it run out and die because I was already playing for half an hour with 100% happiness most of the way. I unlocked the four tracks the first couple minutes and that was that. Does it EVER get harder?

I really liked it but uhh... yeah, the score wasn't worth it. I got something over 300,000 but its not like it keeps the scores anyway. yeah, the music was lame but it did fit, and I'm not saying because the game was lame, just that it was a spectacular fireworks thing deserving new years vanna white music.

Oh yeah, I did the music on two games you should check out on here, Thanatos and Sin Harvest. neither are near done.