Reviews for "Lumination"


im at numero 2 biatches

nice idea

Yeah im on place 3, cool game, but only for coffeebreak
and i loved the music

Fireworks good

I just like fireworks. It a little complicated with the color matching but it's fun to play.

nice but can be better

i liked how you could change colors.. and had to click on the fire works it was fun.. until i figured out how to never lose... then it became boring.. cuz my happyness never went below 95%... i got my score to like 150K when i just quit

things to improve:

-make the rockets go higher than the crowd.. or make the crowd smaller

-get rid of one color 4, is enough

-make it to where u cant click on a fire work of a different color if u dont have the proper color on, cuz they overlap and you lose ur combo if two rockets of different colors are like that

-make a combo counter, if there is one sorry i didnt see it... make it bounce as it gets higher and the numbers bigger as well

-last make it MORE random.. when i said i figured out how to never lose if you focus mainly on getting the points, happy things and only the three colors yellow, green, and pink... after like lvl 7... you wont lose.. they come out twice as much as the other two colors... plus it seems to make the crowd happier

over all i liked the game and concept... just needs a lil tweaking


the gamw was good but the high scores didnt work I got a very low score and it said I got second place.