Reviews for "Lumination"

Very good

i really liked the game its very nice but the music was loud and the high scores dintdt work but it is a great game i really injoyd the fire works


its good man, buy could you tell me how you did the high score list?

Very nice but the hi-score system is out of whack.

I had a great score and I submited it, but when I went to the hi-scores section I wasnt listed. The guys that were all had a lower score.

Something wrong with the action script maybe? If you fix this its going to be a very good game.

Fun game

It was a pretty fun game!

I enjoyed myself playing it.

However, the sound was a bit too loud (great music though!) Other than that, everything else was superb.


The game was addictive also plus just amazing. It was fun and the fireworks were awsome. Great job