Reviews for "Lumination"

original idea, but it boars pretty fast.

the idea is new to me, but if you play it more then 1 minute it gets lame pretty fast, mayby try to get some new ways for the shutlle launch or something


BOO!this game licks @$$!I hate it!HATE!


it was a pretty fun game. it took me a while to figure it all out without making a complete idiot out of myself, but once i figured out what to do, it was a lot of fun. very nice fireworks once it got going. i liked this game. glad to see this one win an award too.

Pretty cool, but a tad glitchy.

Your graphics are awesome. The fact that I can't really lose means I can pay no attention to what I'm supposed to be doing and give it all to the pretty colours.

That said, figuring out what was going on was a bit difficult. Clicking some of the fireworks is harder than it probably should be. Also not sure of the little things that fly by that aren't fireworks, like the question mark. It's very easy to dodge, but when clicked it makes the mouse go in opposite directions, which is good for a challenge, if it wasn't completely up to the player to click on it. There's a real glitchy problem with the thing too - my mouse kept going out the window. I dunno how you'd go about fixing that though =P

((( NEAT IDEA )))

That was actually a good idea, it was abit hard to "HIT" the smaller red ones, but it made for a more better and challenging game, maybe make some that spreadout into different sorts of colors and such, fun game though...