Reviews for "Lumination"

I can't die

I got to level 30 and I can't die. It's paused right now.
If the demands of the crowd don't increase the game goes perpetual with enough skill.
Nice job, but I can't play forever. I have work to do.

Nice concept but

There were just too many colors, and the music just being repeated and repeated cost you 2 points on your overall score..

VERY good game!!!

cool game dude...you make a great work here... and a very good idea...
keep up the good work


Nice game U got there dude! NIce one in deed! I really enjoyed watching those fireworks!! Continue with fine stuff and U will get from more people lots o' points! I gave U a 5!! With friendship, badnightmare2u

Great game i should say

I like the game but it's a bit hard hitting the fireworks as u have to press it two times and confusing when changing fireworks using numbers but is still a great game