Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

I FREAKING LOVED IT (not in a gay way T_T lol)!!!!

Awesome spectacular flash!!! Earlier in a review I predicted that Zetto was a Netking and I nailed it! Anyway this story keeps getting better and better with each passing episode. Well that's all gott catch episode 31! xD


I tell ya, Alphas got some work to do. With FLAMY! Bom-chickawom-chickachickawomwom! And dont correct me, i meant it.


he does?!?!? where did u see it?!?!i

anyway GREAT movie im addicted to this

Still think you should start up Season 4 again

It was starting to get SO good too...I mean...With like...Alpha's alter-ego and all that...it was getting freaking SICK!!!
And then you had to just stop...It isn't fair, dude...On the fair meter this is like -50000

still great

yea its pretty awesome. but i liked the sprites and no voices better. i mean i know its necessary for to make it more,dramatic and stuff but yea i like the sprites more.