Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"


I tell ya, Alphas got some work to do. With FLAMY! Bom-chickawom-chickachickawomwom! And dont correct me, i meant it.


he does?!?!? where did u see it?!?!i

anyway GREAT movie im addicted to this

still great

yea its pretty awesome. but i liked the sprites and no voices better. i mean i know its necessary for to make it more,dramatic and stuff but yea i like the sprites more.

Well episodes 14 to 30 were great

If u created this in 2009 with the technology that is now u could have gotten a 10 for ur overall average but i've been meaning to ask one thing.... why did it take so long for the series to make liftoff?

I know u won't anwser my question due to long periods of time that this series has ended but if anyone knows or gots a idea why please tell me?
Anyway im off to season 2

Warnings don't protect fans from reviewing.

Seeing as I'm an old fan, I might as well review the season from each season finale don't 'cha think?

TV Tome Adventures. Cult favorite. The series that Kirb was known for before Go Go Parody Rangers, Rawest Forest, and Brawl Taunts. And this was the first season.

Granted when I first saw this season I wasn't too impressed. The animation was shoddy, the voice quality stank, and the only thing about it was the redeeming feature was the story which, while it had some of it based on .//Hack and Mega Man.EXE (Things I barely watched) as well as a role play on the forgotten TvTome forums, what drew me into it was the fact that it was different, it felt like an anime, was driven like one, but wasn't. And it came up to the season finale where it all was driven home.

Granted, this was old, you were new at this, faults can be expected. But this season laid the groundwork for the rest of the series, and that's what gets the score. That being said, I enjoyed this series and I feel proud to be a fan, because it not only entertained me, but it inspired. Empty words at the moment.

Rating: 10/10