Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

i've seen all 58 episodes like 5 TIMES!

I'm glad you put those past episodes somewhere i haven't seen episode 30 in so long. Anyway there is one thing that bugs me you made a TTA movie awhile back but now i can't find it anywhere. I would really like to see it again. If it's on another website I think you should post a link.

P.S: I'm a really big fan of TTA

saaw it somewhere

you know this is somewhat related to the game series ``dot hack``

The best

That's one of the best episodes and battles I have ever seen.I hope the other episodes are like this too.You are a great flash maker and I like your other creations too.I hope you continue making more great movies.


apparently you did use voices long before ep.73. now i feel like an idiot for posting that one on ep.73. well get of my back i used to just jump around through the episodes like an idiot! but overall i love your work hope to see more in the future i highly recomend this OK.


Is this how the new TOME series gonna end??? : O