Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Still awesome

Felt like wiritng a review on this one first lol

First, the VA thing kinda threw it off a little for me, just sayin it was better IMO with the little characters and the "shinen" thing like when they are talking.

But over all I still love all ur work Kirb keep rockin out, and DONT GET FREAKIN DELETED ANYMORE X3 Alhpa rules Flamy is hot yadda yadda w/e 10/10

Virtual Reality Pwndax

I believe on Ep 1 they said it was a VR system, so I would assume there is some sort of gear they use, like controllers, maybe headsets for visual things, mics for talking, ect.

super omega happy fun time!

that was awesome! the voice acting was ok, but it really made it better. the virus kinda had a shiny rayquaza feel to him, didn't he?

ah the good old days....

back when Kirbopher was kinda bad at stuff that wasn't spirting and had a shitty mic. Now we've got the Parody Rangers!

A joy to watch

I'm glad I looked into this series, you're a great flash animator. I also love the use of the fully voiced episodes thus far as well as non-sprite animation, it really improves the episodes. Great work, these flashes are the real deal!