Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

ignore him

i have no idea wtf is wrong with that last dude but he needs to get a life keep making these theyre pretty good i especially like the FF music you use

i've seen all 58 episodes like 5 TIMES!

I'm glad you put those past episodes somewhere i haven't seen episode 30 in so long. Anyway there is one thing that bugs me you made a TTA movie awhile back but now i can't find it anywhere. I would really like to see it again. If it's on another website I think you should post a link.

P.S: I'm a really big fan of TTA

Okay, Here's the situation:

Okay, sleeeep, the reason why Kirbopher says this one is old is because this is the last movie of season 1, and he's nearly done season 2 as of now. For season 2, check out his website.

Tis me again

Hi, ive been a anti fan of ur series since about ep. 19, or some where around there. I really did try to sit threw some of em to get into the story since so many people love... but i could't. Just not my thing. Well i sat threw most of this ep. I really have to say the graphics were alot better then ur others. And i think ur a terrific animator or writer cause if that many people love it (specially from ep 1) then ur certianly doing something right, Good job on making a great series... even if i didnt like it, i know its tuff doing this stuff and writing... ill be coming out with a series of my own if ya wannna check it out.

P.S. I dont get what u mean by this is a old series... please explain

Kirbopher responds:

No, I'm not interested in your series.

I mean, this movie was made almost an entire year ago, which is why the episode sucks. Not that hard to understand.

Its Kirbo!!

Kirbo I'm probably one of your original fans in that I've watched your series since it first came out. To be honest, at alot of time I haven't cared for your graphics but I never really cared because you have always been experimental with your work and a little more daring then the next guy especialy with a series as original as yours. But the main highlight of your work comes in the story. You have some 30+ eps and you still have ranging from decent to fantastic dialgue in your work. However, it wasn't until 5 minutes ago when I was writting up a small review for flamezero on your work in the Megaman Collab that it clicked and I figured out why your animation looked so familiar. Anyway, I just wanted to say great job on the series and its good to know we're workign together!