Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Whats your website Kirb?

Sorry for asking but what is your website? I've looked all over google and all I can find is Devian Art


I watched the whole serie on your site. AND IT ROCK MAN!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!.


I've been watching the episodes from 24 on your site, I have to say they are all great, and now that you have a speech intreface it really makes the movies better, great going, the finally was fab, i loved it, action packed, full of suspence, intense, the best thing i have ever seen (and I am not easly impressed) I am just 'bout to see seaon 2, you brought this season to fab end, good going, hope you continue making more.

~~A forever faithful fan~~

Great job on the season finale!

I have waited forever to see this mostly because the original site never played it or any of the 15 eps leading up to it. I would have sent this review the day I saw it (Five months ago) but I didn't know what to say. Anyway, yes, the sound was booming and I nearly got in trouble for playing this. Now I use headphones, and since my ears are immune to deafness, it's perfect that way, but I still keep my sound on low. Anyway, I have a question some may have already asked. Why do the voices sound different from the usual voices. Normally, when the characters get hit, you hear a different voice, and sometimes the same voice is used to introduce a quote. The only voices I expected were yours, Gamecrazed's and Webmaster's. Otherwise, all the other voices were unexpected. Good job.


Your website isn't working! WHAT HAPPENED??