Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"


Is this how the new TOME series gonna end??? : O

alpha goes to save his girlfriend... classic...
but also CHAUVINISTIC. why FLAMEGIRL does'nt save ALPHA? HUH?!
teh virus was destroyed in TOME...
but he exist also in the REAL world...
but there he named XV...
XIONIC MADNESS (watch now!)

Watching these always makes me nostalgic. I'v watched these since the years when they first came out, and I've always loved te blend of Megaman Battle Network combat and a free-range MMO. I would kill to have something like this out there for real one day! Really reminds me of .Hack to be honest!

I remember first watching this years ago. Will probably do it again some years down the line. Good concept and good execution. One of the best videos of its time.

Nice, there's voices now; (even though this is really old) needs improvement though.