Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Great Series

Great series but what is your website?

ARRRG FO FREAKIN GOOD!@!@!@!$#@@#%#!@

aHHHH THAT WAS BETTER then the rest of the episodes in all of it! Your such a good movie maker HOW DO YOU FREAKIN DO IT@@@


i just finished watching episode 59. my i just say that u are a fucking awsome. i luv ur series. hey r u gonna make a season 3 or what? this shit is like crack once u taste it u can't get enough. of course if u don't that's cool too i guess, it probably takes alot of time and effort to make these. oh and if this sounded wierd, it's because i suck at writing reviews.um...i don't want to take up too much of ur time, in case ur actually reading this...so yeah...i guess i'll just stop talking now.


Just FINALLY finished watching eps 1-30... wow! Starts off slow, then builds up pace and doesn't stop! Very simple... yet unique and of course it's 110% original. Incredible plot and a nice classic battle system. The drawn sequences were also very well done. Keep up the great work :)!

Just finished watching 1-30.

Incredibly awesome series, you should sign it up for a collection!
I'm gonna go over to the website and see Season 2!
P.S. In the part where Alpha is boasting to the virus, did you mean to put "so make your freakin time" as an AYB refrence or did you not mean it like that?