Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

I watched them all

That's right, I went from #1 to #56

What I liked: You managed to keep me entertained, You have lots of characters and understandable story, some slick drawn characters, voice acting in a sprite movie.

What I did not like: The fact you ripped of so much stuff, here's a list of the stuff in which you ripped ideas from.
-Megaman Battle Network

Even though this rips off so much stuff keep making it, it has me a semi-fan.

Kirbopher responds:

Haven't you ever heard of a PARODY? I'm well aware that many of the those series have had some things from them used in TTA. Did it ever once cross your mind that I'm doing that to pay tribute to those series'? I hate how people keep thinking that ANYTHING that's like something else is automatically 'a ripoff'.

Pretty good for a year old flash...

The movie was pretty good. But one question doesn't Simdragon have a deep voice said in one of the episodes (later 31+)

yea no pushie button thingies

i have to say that this had to be the most hard worked flash episode you worked on. the character drawings were close to the sprites, where did you get them any way i like some of the custom ones. you had decent voice actors and no short blurts like the others but it was funny though. this reminds me of .hack//sign with the virus destroying everything and stuff.

Turn your sound down

Before you watch this ...ummm...thing? turn sound down geeze thing almost blew out my speakers. But ya I duuno the graphics switch to paint to 16 bit and ya I diddnt like it personally.

Great and ...

It was long and great to watch. Nice choice on those 2 FF7 songs. I like how you put together tons of characters and more. The only bad part was the first fight scene, but the second fight scene when he opend his eyes was better. Keep it up and I cant wait for the new 1.