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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"


Quite the excellent shooting game with something to look forward to in the end. Shame it's so easy to win, though - all you need is proper hand-eye coordination and a little pattern recognition skill.

Great, nonetheless.

too hard

its a good game but way to hard

too hard

way too hard for me.

reaaaly crappy

do you have any clue how hard this is? the graphics suck too


Better than the one currently on the front page, because this requires some element of skill and isn't about keeping someone down while you rape them. This one's one on one combat with someone who can defend themself, which is much more morally ethical. But that's only because I have problems with the idea of rape.

Fairly challenging, but not overly difficult as far as gameplay goes. Really nice graphics (Samus = hawt) and in general, a pleasing concept. Perhaps a better reward for finishing?