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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

Fun ;)

Well.. This game was really fun, you need to complite it at hard mode to actually get to see her naked. And for all those lazy fucks out there who just started this game to see samus naked and died and like "WTF CRAP GAME" then exited i say: the game itself was mutch more fun than seeing her naked.


every nerds dream...to get Samus naked

This game is basically non-existent.

-=January 2005 Benchmark=-
-=Crap Of The Year Award=-
This game is basically non-existent.
CHAV HUNTER's Benchmark Date was January 2005.


Lol its a pretty danm good game i thought it was gonna suxs when i whent in to it but i like how u made us go through all the game types b4 showing he naked lol but 1 question....at the end......i un git why she gits a new suit made out of metroids...i mean...maby it wud have bin better if we got to fight her agin in that suit as like..a twist or sommin?
But anyway nice game lol


woa great game!