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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

The ending sucks

The ending after a long time of work is bullshit all that happens is you see her naked and then boom she gets sucked up by aliens and she becomes one it fucking bullshit

I'd play it again

Very good, but some improvements....

The graphics were good, except after beating the Hard difficulty - there was an odd white line on Samus' mouth - teeth maybe?
This game doesn't have a completely naked Samus, her boot-things are kept on.
Regardless, this is another great contribution!


Pretty good game. each level wasn't really harder just longer. Oh and for people who are expecting the whole Hentai thing. COMPLETE THE HARD DIFFICULTY DUMBASSES!

Very annoying

Good work. You make people come, expecting hentai, then make them play through each level of the game to further waste their time, then make them spend time trying to get passed the hard difficulty, even more waste of time.

more video games

I like your furry games but I would love some more adult video game parodies (maybe a princess peach one?)