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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

Great game.

I liked the difficulty of the game, not too hard and not too easy. But, the game is what it is, it's an excuse to look at naked women. And this game is a good excuse to do it. Great work.

awesome for porn

i like it but make it a little easier
still it's the best game i've ever played
i've never played this kind of game
on the other ones unless it was on another web...


SO.... horny.... can...barely...type....help....too...good....to.......

pretty good, but one thing is missing

After you beat it on all three difficulty settings, you should be able to rape her, like your newest clixsposing game with that tiger woman.

Great graphics. The sound would be cool if you would include some sounds from her. It was easily playable. Definately not as hard as others think. However, it was still somewhat challenging.

But seriously...make another version where we get to rape her. That is what made the clixsposing Kitaandra game for me. And you could include sexual animations and some squishy sound effects when fucking her. Also, sounds where she moans or something!!


Disclaimer: I do not want to rape any women in real life. THIS IS SIMPLY A FANTASY THING WITH ME. I do not condone the real life rape and objectification of women. However, fake cartoon women are ok... :)

great game, but...

some of us pervs aren't as talented as this game requires us to be. could you possibly remake it a little easier, like all your other clixpose games?