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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

not bad...

the ending was a little weird, with all the metroids and stuff...

i dont get it

i dont get why it was rated adult?but other than that nice game.


This is a very easy game once you get the hang of it, which doesn't take very long.
The damage from the little bombs are too small to be of any real risk. The only thing you should be shooting at is the power bomb. Aim ahead of her and most of your bullets should hit her.
When she is using screw attack, don't bother with the missiles, just shoot her, you should be able to stun her most of the time.
I always try to strip her layer by layer :) First the power suit then the zero suit than the underwear...


freaking great work, a tip to those who can't beat hard: When shes rolling around, shoot at the bombs, but when shes flying through the air, shoot at her, then the missles you get a surprise at the end ^^

i dont understand the rating

wtf is up with the rating adult thing it should only b that way if she is nude but she was in some blue suit so y is it rated adult??