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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


accapt yah the song doesn't fit it at all

Not bad

I have definitely seen worse. That was actually pretty good. Graphics? What's to be expected from 8-bit animation? Done very well. Sound was decent, but maybe that's only because I like the original version of that song. Style is a personal thing, and personally, I thought it was good, though not the best. And it was pretty funny. Not drop dead hilarious, but still pretty funny. You got a 4 from me.

Pretty nice

Brought out a few memories - of course some of the memories in this flash were the kind where I remember wanting to force feed my controller into the machine.... good thing I never did though!

A nice little tribute/stroll down memory lane!


Hehe, I remember most those games, and probably still have them somewhere in my house...

and that last review was definitly for BadGuys3 not this movie.