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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


Nice animation, very fun.


Its like the guy before me WAS me! true, gameplay over graphics, and I too an 16! NESs rule.


That last "reviewer" was a little harsh, i mean come on, so what if you weren't there in it's glory days, I wasn't but my older brother taught me everything, Retro-Gamer? oh man, if you can't find a console it's not your fault.

Ok, two..moderately quick things

1)Great tribute, it reminds me of all those lovely "Game Over" moments where you just wanna scream "WTF NO WAY! THATS BS HOW DID I DIE! I HAD 2 HEARTS LEFT! OMGWTFBBQ!!!" or blame the controller, (only to switch controllers and die again)

2)If i see one more idiot that was born AFTER a system came out..and talks about it like he "pwnz" it cuz he's a "Retro Gamer", well congratulations, your all bringing it into the mainstream..which is in a sense..making it anti-retro. SNES, NES, 2600, Turbographix 16, Sega, YES YES YES, they were all great, but unless you actually owned one when they were great...shut up already..your not cool because you play nintendo..EVERYONE DOES if you haven't noticed. That being said..again..GREAT MOVIE! and a great big @!$@$!@$ to the idiots that called themselves retro gamers


What a nice Tribute to the Nes! I always liked it, so I guess don't need to eat a poison mushroom...
Good job.