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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


I like the NES as much as anyone else, but that flash was average at best. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Not overwhelming, but good.

To be frank, not only am I getting a bit sick of sprite movies, I'm getting sick of NES being called "old skool." I mean, yeah, we've come a long way since the NES, but we've come an even longer way since the 2600.

Remember the 2600?

Remember when the home version of pac-man was monochromatic with like sixteen big, fat pixels, and the "dots" were big fat dashes? As opposed to the NES version, which looked just like the arcade.

Back to the animation. Very cute, watching all those classic NES characters die in various humiliating manners. I think the best part was the digital version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" during the closing credits. Reminded me of the Road Runner arcade console.

MajinPiccolo responds:

Trust me, I definitely remember the 2600, I still have mine. I never actually stated that is was old skool, I stated that it was "good ol' classic gaming", lol.

That gives me an idea, I may possibly tribute the 2600 in the future, but maybe not, I dunno.

Oh and the Flight of the Bumblebee is actually the ending song from the japanese Famicom classic, Parodius, hehehhee.

Getting nesty

thats one cool tirbute man, showing all the old games and stuff, some of them i remmbered such as double dragon. anyway. the one thing i hated about the nes was passwords and no memory cards *shudders*
good work on it anyway

It Okay...

A Bit Weird!?!? Most Of Them I Can't Remember and the music didn't really go with the flash cartoon.. doesn't mean to say it was crap.. it was funny but it could done with a bit of funy stuff happening in it.... didn't really make the laughter come out.. good try though

ok not the best

i dont love it because its 8-bit thats why