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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"


Benassi is to Mozart as you are to Perlman. 10

InvisibleObserver responds:

Indeed, nothing alike.

However I have been studying classical/orchestral peices lately and writing and experimenting with it.



I can totally see this being used in horror movies or games in big scenes. For that I give this a 10.

~Depes Crystalline~

InvisibleObserver responds:

Ah headphone music.

Imagine an entire album like this.

this damn song!10/10! 5/5 !

makes me want to somehow try and think of a scary video i could make and make so wickedly scary and include this music in it and name it my wierdest video of all time 2 o.o I THINK I MIGHT DO SO o.o! SO DOWNLOADED NOW ^.^ this thing is so wicked i must say...The bass and surrounding audio FACKING RULES!

Your on my favs i am gonna check your older songs if any and ...Watch for newer ones ^.^

InvisibleObserver responds:

I'll be PM'ing you as new things come then.

Glad you liked it, feel free to use it in a video of yours.

You'll notice my 'older' stuff is quite different. I don't post many of my songs, and I don't post them in order that their completed. You'll also notice my music has a consistent style to it, but no specific genre.


Exellent Adio, surround sound, a mix of different sound that shot at you like a fucking bullet... though not the greatest intro, the best body theatrics ive heard.

Interestingly enough, this song would go great with some grotesque part in hostel ^.^ not that ive seen hostel Nooooo.....


InvisibleObserver responds:

It would fit just about any slow motion unlikely to occur to a human type scene or movie.

Glad you enjoyed it.

As for the intro, I think a lot of people share your feelings.

Oh Hellz Yeah!

Thanks for your random review. I, in turn. have come to take a gander at your music. Love the WoW and Eraserhead samples! This is a audio collage of intense proportions!

Good Do!

I hope to someday be able to piece shit together as well as you have. ^.^

InvisibleObserver responds:

Just takes time and a lot of cuts.

In time elaborate projects will become more common place among your work.

Thanks for the return.