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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"


YOU SAMPLED ERASERHEAD! that's enough for me to give you 10... it doesnt hurt that the song was good...

InvisibleObserver responds:

Haha. Most people scratch their heads when I mention Mr.Lynch.

Glad you like it too.

Butterscotch, Yo!

I just said that because it sounded cool, really you've got my respect, 5/5, nice piece of music, and free! nice :D

InvisibleObserver responds:

Free for now. Soon I'll sign up with corporate America and begin taxing oxygen.

Thanks for the message.

Cool man

The lead vocals are a little messy and really don't add anything good to the song... in the first half! The second half of the song after the little break I thought you did a very good job. And, hey, you can't really take this as actual criticism because I can tell this song turned out the way you wanted, so this is just mere opinion. Other than that, this song is great. Loved every single other part of this song. Awesome job!

Ps. I understand how annoying it is for shallow-minded people to call your best work "trash" just because it's a little grungy or distorted.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Understood, this type of music does come off as rather thick, and is easy for people to not like it so much.


This is not my best work, its simply more recent. A better computer that can process what I'd like to do would be a big step closer to my best.

The kiddies getting their preconceptions of what music is blasted away I find to be somewhat humorous. :)


Some people either need to open their ears or shut their mouths, because this sir is expert stuff! Sadly NG isn't the best place to put music that requires some level of intelligence and appreciation above that of your average middle schooler. Here's one fourteen-year-old that likes what you're doing :D Keep it up.


InvisibleObserver responds:

Thank you he who is proclaims to be "one fourteen-year-old that likes what I'm doing".

Its appreciated, though I more then understand how things go (or don't go) here on NG.

5/5 awesome

is a really weird concept but ......... all the Industrial Feeling xD is really funny

InvisibleObserver responds:

Satan we must avoid the parasols!

And thanks, I suppose? I didn't find this song very funny. (Very serious.)