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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"

So awesome!

Hey, was that an Anub'arak sound sample I heard there? "From the depths I come."

InvisibleObserver responds:

We've almost made it to the upper kingdom.

All I hate is mortal.

Everything is fine.


Love how u used the Warcraft three voices Do i hear Kael? and Illiden as well as The Bug dude [ ant rember name]

InvisibleObserver responds:

Blood Mage, Kael, Crypt-Lord, Anub'arak, Gluescreen meteors 1/2 and hits 1/2, "Every thing is fine" song, ambient explosion, clanging garbage door, looping feedback made into bass, a heavily edited bell noise I took, and several other objects being hit from the confines of my garage are what made up this song.

And a drum track.


This is pure hardcore shit man nice work keep it up

InvisibleObserver responds:

I'll keep things pure then.


mate your music is ok but some of the other guys haven't given you a 10 :P 1 of the persons said that their ears hurt :P anyways i gave you a 7 hope you dont mind :)

InvisibleObserver responds:

I don't mind 7s.

As for ears hurting, back in my day, we used belt sanders on our ears to toughen them up so we could hook pails of water to them that we had to travel 10km to the water hole to get.

Kids these days and their wackey music.

I likes this

This has a weird underlying flow to it like Window Licker by Aphex Twin. Too many voice samples to be honest, but otherwise for a mashed up experimental track it's pretty damn good.

InvisibleObserver responds:

I like Aphex.

I also like experimental.