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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"


The best song at NG!

InvisibleObserver responds:

You've got your thing, and I've got mine,

Everything is fine...

In heaven.

I dont know why the rating is so low, mate

Glitch is my new best friend. Cool sounds, I love the evil feel you gave this song. Vocals add to that horror feeling. Also loved the inharmonies in some places, and the random skipping of the song was cool. This song is really great, and must have taken a large amount of imagination to produce. I could really picture this song in a movie or horror game, it would fit so well too. People who hate on this dont see good music when its staring at them right in the bloody face.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Scores low, but once this is off audio front page, it will climb.

I actually find the low scores a bit refreshing, some people get really riled up about this, which I think is a pretty neat reaction.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a proper review.


that is pretty badass. two seconds into the song and i already gave ita 5/5

InvisibleObserver responds:

If only song length and time listened increased my score out of 5 to scale...

If 2 seconds = 5/5

4:01 song = 241 seconds...

241 seconds = 602.5/5


Freaking amazing. There really is nothing else to say, it's just that damn good.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Hawt dawg.

ehm... :S

it had a lot of interference in my speakers... and not to mention the annoying sounds... and... well... if it was supposed to be a song... well.. i guess it'll be a 5/10 2/5.


InvisibleObserver responds: