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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"

it is ok

i can tell what it is.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Well don't let the secret get out.


People who don't understand this.

Are plain idiots.




i love it man. You got my respect.

InvisibleObserver responds:

I was pleased I got into the top 5, I put a lot of work into this (30ish hours), nearly every cut has been hand done, and everything you hear is 100% intentional.

However, making top 5 with something like this on NG is a death sentence to its score.

I've projected by the end of the week it will be hovering around 3.5ish in score.

Glad you enjoyed, I'll likely be posting more sample based music in the future.

umm wth

How can people listen to stuff like this? Truly horrendous. PLEASE NEVER MAKE BAD MUSIC LIKE THIS AGAIN. It's not even music, more like ''strange noices from a soundboard when a kid played with it''.

InvisibleObserver responds:

You fail to understand the difference between personal taste, and quality of work.

Are you aware you may have a musical palate that's as shallow as a tea-spoon?

Well now...

This is nice... love the industrial feel.... spooky... Freqz seem a bit crazy though.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Can you tell I emphasized the low freqs?

Though the high ones are intentionally low, if their high up too the entire song turns into a peice of fuzz.

Thanks for dropping a line. :)


ok this is really funny !
this is what the google ad on the left side under the drop menu says :
Truth About LSD
Educate Your Kids On The Effects Of LSD. Request Free Booklet Now!
this song IS lsd! its like the trippiest thing ive ever heard my life and i think that is an ...ok shit this song is fucking with my brain, i cant write down the things im thinking.....
ok ill just jump to the review
the break down at 130 is ridiculous
great track and much improvement!
i say if you wanna go glitchy go all the way...and this is more than that i think
intro is WICKED i mean like literally the eraser head sample is an awesome touch and the warcraft voices make it scary

InvisibleObserver responds:

Haha at the LSD ad. I keep checking back to this song and looking ad the ad, I got one for making a donation to a foundation for brain disorders.

As for being glitchy, I'd say its a lot more fluent then the typical 'glitch' song. As they tend to put these off beat/key wrenching sounds into their music, where as I do my best to keep it in tune and with the rhythm.

Thanks for checking this out.