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Reviews for "Adult Swim Bumps Parody"


wow this parody deserves a 4 here it's ok but it could be better. considering it's like you know a bump parody there isn't much leverage but ok.

Bkid001 responds:

Well yea, but it's just text ya kno...it was gonna have commertials, but I didn't have time to put them in...maybe on the next one, or an update of this one...idk...

Good, although I've seen funnier bumps

This (below) would be a good addition, as well as those bashing crap CN shows like Totally Spies and Krypto.

Numbers Game Part II
All anime Saturday?

Cartoon Planet 375,000

Inuyasha 301,000

FLCL 245,000

Ouch again!

[Adult Swim]

That was great!

It's so simple but so funny. Great idea for a submission. Well, guess this proves that even text animations can receive a high score. Great job done.


A funny portal submission. And for those of you who have never seen more than 5 of the adult swim bumps, PLEASE DONT REVIEW OR IT WILL BE BIASED. Athough alot of you don't seem to care.

not bad...

the only thing is is that... im pretty sure adult swim would use everyone one of those bumps...