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Reviews for "Adult Swim Bumps Parody"

I likedy

I'm a big fan of Adult Swim and I thought you did a really good job on the...stuff...I likedy


This is newgrounds, almost noone has the rights to use anyones copyrighted name here, we're still going to express our freedom of press while remaining anonymous though. As for the review, decent parody, but those all sound like things they would acctualy say. I gave it a 2/5 though because it doesn't look like there was an incredible amount of work put into it.

Bkid001 responds:

incredible amount of work, no, but it wasn't really for the looks and such, but more for the realism compared to the real AS bumps. As for your first sentence: Damn Straight!

Thanks for the review.


Well, I'm grading the overall on what it's supposed to be - just text. You did a really good job of imitating the bumps... If I had seen them actually appearing on adult swim I wouldn't have noticed any difference. Funny stuff.

Bkid001 responds:

That's the kinda review I like to hear! Someone who really knows what they're talking about...I might make another one, but it'll have commertials in it, cause this one's just getting waaay to many low scores for being text-only...ne way, thanks for the review ^_^


As a fan of Adult Swim I got quite a few chuckles out of this! Nice work!

Bkid001 responds:

thanks. chuckles are what I was aiming for (I think? =P)...thanks for the review...


Hmm the jokes where funny...but did they really have to be in a flash? Couldnt you just make a site?

Bkid001 responds:

nah, not much for site making...and I'm trying to get more into flash anyway...I guess it really didn't have to be a flash, but ya know, it was, and it worked =P. thanks for the review...