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Reviews for "Adult Swim Bumps Parody"


im watching adult swim right now.
(family guy)

Bkid001 responds:

yay [AS]! thanks for the review =P


thats was pretty fucking funny. i love watching adult swim plus it makes it better when you could read the bumps alot slower on this flash then on tv. you should make some more of this. 5*****

Great parody

I loved this flash. I always wanted to make a [AS] bump parody but I don't have Flash MX. Thanks for doing it for me. (Great job)

Bkid001 responds:

yay! more good review! thanks for the review! I'll try to have another one made soon, with commertials hopefully =P

This isn't that great.

This is almost exactly like the real bumps, which are sort of cute in between Family Guy and Robot Chicken, but is it really necessary to watch a long string of them?

Bkid001 responds:

not really necessary to watch, but if you find a funny one here and there, that's what counts...I was gonna have some commertials put in here, but my friend was really busy, and they wouldn't have been done for a whiiile...so I'll just add them in whenever...thanks for the review...

cool and familiar

i wanna say that i watch AS and i bet most people here do too.this was pretty funny but didnt national lampoon do this too?its ok though no thing as too much of a good thing 4 out of 5.

Bkid001 responds:

I got kinda confused about the whole national lampoon thing but yea...thanks for the vote and reivew..