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Reviews for "Adult Swim Bumps Parody"


Ya thats about how dumb Adult Swim's bumps are....

Bkid001 responds:

meh..to some I guess..thanks for the honest review tho..

not as good as the original

some humor but it seemed blunt and ripped off, it's just not the same, leave the bumps to the pros

Bkid001 responds:

yea, well I guess it's just a "love it or hate it" kinda thing...thanks for the review tho..


ok, first, what is a "hot pocket"? we dont have them in england, unless theyre like a pop tart or a toasted sandwich........

this was so boring, thats all i could think of to say about it

Bkid001 responds:

yawn? you were warned buddy, it was a text flash...as for the hot pocket thing, that's your problem...and I don't know if they have Adult Swim in England, but you should really watch it...

Pretty funny.

I was going to blam it straight away, but then I saw that some of these were funny.

Bkid001 responds:

Yea, funny thing about that...I had different responses to different ones..some ppl thought one way funny that other really hated, and vice versa...ne way, thanks for the review...


Although you did mention Adult Swim and posted the website at the end I don't think you have rights to use there style and their logo. Therefore this is technically stolen and needs the whistle blown on it. But hey thats just my opinion.

Bkid001 responds:

well it's a parody for one...second, I'll take my chances..and third, "stolen" means that you stole a FLASH from someone and submitted it here...logos don't apply..but thanks for the review...