Reviews for "Yet Another Day"

So the flash was converted to mp4.
I hope Joanime is warming up to his big comeback

wow. this was fun to watch n so legit

I wish this was longer! This was just so much fun to watch! I wish you were still here. You seemed like an early Rina-chan. It's great to have this fantastic animation. You depict a slice of life story so wonderfully here. Everything is just oozing with good cheer.

The bathroom jokes were probably the best. Wow, did I really say that? The music was wonderfully suiting. It's just such a happy cartoon. I love those.

Man, Joanime seemed like a nice person. I wish she was still around, maybe she still uses her account, but never really posts anything or whatever.

This was so cute and fun. You have a very nice style, and your characters look great (backgrounds could use a little refinement, though). I really liked this, and plan to check out your other work soon.