Reviews for "Yet Another Day"

This is a difficult flash to review for me because of the emotional ties I associate with it. I've been lurking on Newgrounds for at least 10 years and there a few animations on this website that makes me smile as much as this one. I often watch this when I'm starting my days, and it tends to put me in a good mood.

The flash is simple. It's about Jo's day and how things work and fail. Nothing seems to go right for Jo. She wakes up half an hour later than she's supposed to. She tries to shower, but someones is in it. When she tries to unwind by animating, someone tries harasses her over AIM. The problems continue, yet she marches on determined to get through the day.

Thats the plot, essentially. It's rather simple and seems uninteresting on paper. The animation is iffy at best, and the art style is sometimes rough to look at. But damn is it cute! That is surly helped by the song by Gackt, but I think the biggest reason this flash moves people is because it's a love letter. Joanime knew that life is hard, but a smile can make it better, if only for a moment.

It may not be a profound animation, but it is a great one. There are no social criticisms or questions about the human condition, but I'll be damned if it doesn't make me smile. This animation has made my many of my days brighter; what more could I want?

Poor jo :3

If someone polishes the background design just a bit, it could pass for something on Animax.
(Then again it probably DOES pass for something on Animax.)

*Insert ass-kissing review here*

Cute; extra dose of cute; cute overload; just too cute. I'm surprised there aren't more animations by this author?