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Q: hey do you have any idea what happened to joanime and smiffy? and why they left? its weird but it still bothers me occasionally, lol. please message me back if you know anything! i just dont get why they'd just abruptly leave and not even tell their thousands of fans

A: This is a question I actually get asked occasionally. Joanna and Byron (Smiffy) were close animator friends of ours. I actually introduced Smiffy to Jo, all those years ago. They were dating for some time and eventually Smiffy moved over to live with Jo. I remember when he moved there to live with her, as he was based in the UK while she was in the US. After a while various problems in life, on top of the ridicule from the Newgrounds community, caused her exile herself from the internet. So much so, that even the ones she considered her closest animator chums she totally ex-communicated. Obviously, Byron followed as well. Any attempts to contact her since by her friends have been flat out ignored and even in one occasion met with somewhat hostility. The last I heard of them was that Byron and her had got married and were running a design company together. I have no idea if still together or not. But trust me, they want to be found. I like to remember those two as the awesome friends I once had. Because right now, over 5 years dead to me. So to anyone out there looking for these two individuals, leave them be. ghosts, nothing more.

its pretty good animation and its a long time i see fr firts time and i still tink in the same way

For anyone that watched her stuff from the beginning, this might provide some closure. http://rubberninja.tumblr.com/post/45 47364695/hey-do-you-have-any-idea-wha t-happened-to-joanime-and

I miss these

i remember when I first watched this. It put a smile on my face ^_^ What ever happened to Joanime? D: She needs to make more awesome flash like this

LOL cool animation

LOL the history run very fast!, the animation is cool but I recommend to improve the ¨quality¨