Reviews for "Yet Another Day"

Good anime

I like the art and music .but i need play this serveal time to see clear what the story beacuse the text show up time is too short.And move is litte shoter .

Really good

-You animate so perfectly! And all those different camera angles and cute jokes packed in there all over the place, and the Japanese song, gosh this really took the cake! It was so adorable! I positively adore your sense of humour. Don't you hate those sort of days? And then everything seems to be all right again once someone gives you a smile, or talks to you for no reason.

-She's also really cute, I'm amazed that she hasn't got a boyfriend. If she does, well, good on him. (assuming that this is based on you, you have the coolest life ever.) And I'm glad at least the cat was happy. Yay! Kitties! Aww perfect jam-packed anime goodness!

A classic hehe

I remember the first version of this in black and white years ago~ Good memories <3 <3


lol How cute ~-~


really fluid animation