Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"


Du hast meiner Testicle gestolen! LOL! I am so glad I know German! Great stuff, as always.

Rock On!

"I'm on fire!"

Great job guys!!!


well yeah its quite good made flash pretty good i'll give it a 7

Awesome, very nice work!

What else can you expect from the famous Weebl?! Well you can expect something, pretty random, humourous, unique, well animated and even memorable in some cases. This fit each one of those things, and more than those in fact. There is nothing you can hate about this really, unless you seriously despise randomness, and so far i have yet to meet someone who does. Well i am starting to really become a serious fan Weebl, with the release of magical trevor 3 and now this!! Here is my review.

The graphics were mighty impressive, as they always are with your stuff. And having some one to help could only make it better i suppose. The drawings were great, your drawings are always really nice, even without a massive amount of detail, i think this is thanks to your smooth, cartoony, loveable animating style. The colours are also kind of part of your animating style. Again they are very nice. The animation was very impressive, it was very smooth and seemed to fit with everything else about the visuals. You always capture the emotions and facial expressions nicely.
The style was awesome as well , i know you know now that i love your animating style, but thats not the only i liked about this. The idea is very random, yet well executed and presentated, by a host of quirky memorable characters. The overall feel to the movie was just great. The sound was also superb, mostly because of the voice acting, because nothing else really stuck in my mind. Wonderful expression in the voices guys! The humour was solid too, essentiel in a Weebl submission!

Overall this was an awesome movie in every way i can think of. I cant wait until episode 3 comes out, i hope it is longer than the first two. I hope you continue to be such a great artist Weebl, and PEABO, i expect to see more great submissions from you too!
~Two Thumbs Way up! 5/5

PEAB0 responds:

Thanks for the comment :)
Just so you know, Weebl and I write the cartoon (and maybe Skoo if he's awake at the time!), but I draw and animate it myself. You may notice it's a little different from Weebl's style.

So much better than the last one

I did not except something this funny to come up in this series after the first was below my expectations. but this just as good as all your others! Here's hoping episode 3 will be more like this one.

P.S. Still could be a lot longer.