Reviews for "Animus: Prologue"

Too much narcasism

It's so overly dramatic it presents itself as the greatest movie ever, yet there was little actual animation. It's rediciously easy to make fading text, which was the majority of the trailer. Read that text outloud to yourself and try not to laugh-- it'll probably leave before you can finish reading it, anyway. Plus the one photograph of the city that was rendered as a vector drawing, I just hate it when people do that. Nobody had any shadows, plus the sound quality was poor.

Cleod-9 responds:


LOL you got to be kidding right.

That was awsomely bad dude. Please stop this now while you have the chance the only ting good about that as that it was so bad i laughed.


Cleod-9 responds:


Few thoughts.

1) Where is anime? What I see, is common movie style.
2) Prologue is mostly text. Work with that, it's boring.
3) Guy falls from skycraper, somekind of demon attacks him, something glows and suddenly a demon lies dead against the wall with huge hole in it's chest. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!
4) Pointing at "thing 3" with text and this short and meaningless animation this "prologue" is not worth it. Please, make more content and it will be great animation (not an anime).

Overall is about 6. Waiting for the actual episodes.

Cleod-9 responds:

This is supposed to be more of a background info thing on the movie, i wasn't orignally going to put any animation in it at, all.. then again that would be really boring. expect 100% anime next episode.

Better than most.

This was actually good. I was okay with it. Work on your fight scenes would you?

Cleod-9 responds:

Wait till the next one for real fighting, this episode was good for me practice effects with.


You could have tried harder on the fight scene, i think you must have just gave up or something because the animation got a little sketchy and weird near the end. Work on that and it will be a good one!

Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks for the critique, I'll focus more on quality next episode.