Reviews for "Animus: Prologue"

Great Job

I am a fast reader and the words went by a little quick, but that is my only complaint. Everything else is good. You can generate a nice series out of this if you continue to think of new ideas and for the main character. Btw, nice menu, I hate it when long movies don't have a scene selection.

Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks, I did the best I could with the text speed but it was too late to make it any longer. I've also got the whole story planned out, Chapter 1 should be out in a couple months.


I like it's 80's movie like feel. I don't why I'm saying this, but thats just what it feels like. It seems like it will be interesting, but what's Animus? I mean we know the kids name, and that he has to fight the devils legions and stuff, but what the heck is Animus?

Very cool looking movie though, good luck on the final product.

Cleod-9 responds:

Mwahaha! only I know what Animus is! look the word up, and then watch the next episode when it comes out and you'll start to get some ideas.


it was amazing incredibly great i cant wait for the series