Reviews for "Animus: Prologue"

Cool Dude

WHen the movie is coming???

Cleod-9 responds:

November probably

Religious Discontinuity.

Music. At the opening, the music drew me right in. Unfortunately, some tracks are stolen. =/ It would be better to create an original piece or perhaps use a free loop from Flashkit.

Art. The art was lop-sided, ill-proportioned, and lacked shading. Consider utilizing skeletals/frames, importing or tracing over more professional drawings, and giving 2 or 3 colors on a still for a more realistic look.

Text. Props for making shiny title text. The story font was a bit small, but still relatively easy to read. The button text at the end, though, was huge and unprofessional.

English. “It all begins...at the beginning of time” is repetitive. Just say, “at the beginning of time.” Also, when explaining Sakuro’s family, you stated, ". . . raise him good." It should be "raise him well.” When describing Sakuro: “he never seemed to age past late teenage years” and “when he grew old enough.” Now, if he is of age, and just starting out on his adventure, then how can we know he never aged past his teenage years? Perhaps omit these sentences, or consider adding in, "for his mission, the son was made immortal." Also, quotation marks come after the period in a quote.

Plot Holes. Where did Lucifer and Mother Nature come from? Why would Lucifer seek to influence man? Where did Sakuro learn his sword-fighting skills? What time and place was Sakuro born - and is it pertinent to the story? Why would a random family just decide to take in a baby? Why didn't Mother Nature just bear the hero into a pre-packaged adult form? Why wouldn't Lucifer try to kill baby Sakuro? Why is the hero on top of a skyscraper? Why does he fall off said skyscraper? Why doesn't he die as soon as he hits the ground? Why is depression and the lack of will to live associated with evil? Do people who have committed suicide become Demon Infests (which would solve the main religious continuity problem)? How do normal people combat Demon Infests?

Organization. The story seemed to jump around a lot. First, we hear about the beginning of time, then Lucifer who influences man, then about a hero, then about Mother Nature who watched over man at the beginning of time, then about the hero again. Shouldn't Mother Nature come first, since she came before Lucifer and the Hero? The world began with her. She created Lucifer. Then she created man. Then Lucifer tempted man, and man went berserk. Mother Nature could no longer stay on earth with all the sin, so she sent her son to combat the rogue Lucifer. Cliche, maybe, but more organized.

Jumpy Text. The paragraph that starts with “that’s when he would strike” zooms away before I can comfortably read it. Have the frames transition a few seconds after a so-called normal person would get done reading. Otherwise, it’s a hassle for the viewers - and you want to impress and entertain the viewers, not frustrate them. Also, the credits jumped all over the place using different animations. In the future, try to create a more consistent format, as it'll be easier on the eyes.

Scene Selection. The "scene selection" menu was a bit lacking, having only two options: "intro" and "trailer."

Religious Discontinuity. There seems to be a Jesus reference: Lucifer influenced man, man sinned so much that the Deity couldn’t be on Earth anymore, and so the Deity sent its son in its stead to combat Lucifer. Now, if Lucifer were the source of all evil, then Sakuro could just destroy him and humanity would revert back to its original state, and there would be no point in killing people. Otherwise, the problem would rest with humanity’s free will, and there would be little point in pursuing Lucifer.

Cleod-9 responds:

OMG! u scare me! Expect flashbacks in future episodes, there's a reason for everything: reason for title, reason mother nature disappeared, reason why Lucifer didnt kill baby sakuro, i have the whole story planned out, don't analyze something to that much of an extreme, geez! Keep in mind this is a fictional story, and don't say anything about my drawing skills, i'm only 15, I'm not a professional!

Very good, except for the graphics.

I loved this one. It could actually have been my favorite if the graphics weren't so bad.


Try to practice drawing better before you make anymore eps. This is not someting offensive that I wish to tell you, it's just some advice.

Cleod-9 responds:

hey, i taught myself from scratch, i'll draw the best i can

Very good

It is a very good movie, I enjoyed it. i like the script a lot, it was a very good script. I also like the directing of it, keep it up.