Reviews for "Animus: Prologue"


Wow what a file, but very good, from the art to the animation, gave lots to look forward, hope to see more soon...

The flash was massive almost killed my machine, i use 56k and im sure alot of other users do aswell and something to think about when making really big flashworks and the filesize is that big think about the user abit as they might not beable to download as some people may be impatient, compress it abit or cut it down somehow but remember that alot of us us 56k.

A reallly good flash but could use some compressing...


Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks, I didn't know much about file size when I made it so there wasn't much I could do, the music is what's making it so big. The quality of the animation in the next one will be significantly better too.

Wow totally awesome!!!

That was the best intro that I ever saw.
Well good luck if you making Animus

Great job, man, great job
(p.s. look at my review on A Super Mario World Ep.2, there's a question on it)

Cleod-9 responds:



This is interesting, but before making this series I suggest you brush up on your drawing skills.

This could really be soemthing good.

You dont wanna mess it up by making it not the best it can be, right?

Good luck

Cleod-9 responds:

Yep, after watching Granfaloon's movies, I decided i wanted to learn anime, so I'm working on it.

yayy...i love the mystery adventure/action movie!

i was waiting for this come out of this movie...boy it's gonna be good and interesting man, can't wait make the first episode of Animus.

Meh, not too bad

That last guy that reviewed was a moron, who cares if they have shadows or not, and that he used vector rendered image.

I bet u couldn't do any better. Anyways that was pretty cool, the music kept u on edge, and dispite the mediocere images during the first bit the rest were pretty good, cant wait for the full movie.

Cleod-9 responds:

Thanks, I'm teaching myself to draw better everyday, I could never do anything like this a few months ago.