Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"


I thought it was really well done!
The graphics and sound were really great .
And that part with Zodd and the skull knight was hilarious!!!
It rocks!

((( AWSOME )))

Awsome story well i did like the story for the most part, the "ART" and animation was even better, lots of intense graphics aswell, i was very impressed....

Not much it was almost perfect if not perfect, make more though it would be awsome to see more...

A great flash great depth and detail, a must see, so check it out everyone...


really cool

i liked it a lot i an a berserk fan and regreatfully it is not that big from where iam from but no matter it makes me like it more. One thing I will like to see in a flash is a fight between kenshin and Guts this fight has caused a lot of arguments beteen manu anime fans. Personally i think Guts will win. As for your flash I liked the american idol spoof the best i can not look at zob the immortal or the skull knight the same any more. Keep up the good work I give you a perfect 5

Bloody Funny!

I really Love Berserk and I can say that this is really good & really Funny. If you are interested in helping me plan a flash animated series 2 of the berserk anime.

My Aim is Skullgrin140
& My msn Is thedarkrodimus233@hotmail.co.uk.

Klausselhoff responds:

Thanks for the offer..but I'm currently too busy with part 2 of my berserk flash. If you're in need of "artistic" support, you should check out the creative section of www.skullknight.net/bbs. Hope to see your work around here soon.


"Matt Damon!" lol

I love Berserk, so I just had to check this out. Loved it, you should definitely do more, I want to see more of Griffith being attacked by Guts!

'Verbal Diarreah Attack', lol.