Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"

Cool, but very niche

Very funny, but difficult to understand if you are not familiar with Berserk.

I don't get it...

*twitch twitch*

Nope... Still don't get it...

Random humour at its finest!

I have never seen random humour done in such great fashion! Usually random humour doesnt go on for long either! So obviosuly this came out pretty original. Well maybe some people wouldnt like random humour like this but i sure did. Not only that but everything else in this movie was done well. Theres nothing else i can say here, so here is my review.

The graphics were great. At some points i was extremely impressed with the drawings and the detail within them, for example when everyone was running across the bridge. The backrounds were decent, but dont think they quite fit in with the rest of the graphics. I think in the backrounds the colours were a bit off, and often there wasnt quite enough detail. The characters were drawn very nicely, the detail in them was great, however. The animation was good because it really it had its moments. The style was awesome in this movie, as i already mentioned in the opening paragraph, the random sense of humour is something that is rarely done well. And you did it well with this movie. The idea..wait there wasnt one! lol. Either way the presentation was great, it really showed off your style of humour and the types of submissions you will be submitting in the future..hopefully. The sound was awesome too, i liked the voice acting and all the other voices were funny too. Nice sound effects and good choice of music. The sound added a lot to the movie as a whole.

Overall this was a really good movie despite it being plotless and totally random. It was plotless and random in a good way, and that is something you almost never see. Keep up the great work!
!~Two Thumbs Way Up 4/5


I'm not acquainted with Beserk-Manga/Anime, but I don't think you have to be to appreciate this movie.

To me, it was random. And pretty humorous. The graphics were well done, and the sound was solid. If this is your first submission, you could be one of the greats.


Ya mann! Voll die geile Parodie alter"! Weiter mann!
(Yea man! What a kickass parodie dude! Keep it up)